Antique Chinese Statues

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Old Chinese Dynasty

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  • 20 Old Chinese Dynasty Bronze inlay Gild Silver Dragon Beast Statue Oil lamp
  • 59 old Chinese Dynasty Bronze Gilt Beast Dragon Musical Instruments Bell Statue
  • 57 old chinese dynasty Bronze gilt Sanxingdui people face bird Monster statue
  • Chinese Old Dynasty Palace embroidery silk cloth Nine Dragon Emperor robe Robes
  • 30 Old Chinese Bronze Gold 24k Northern Wei Dynasty Shakyamuni Amitabha Buddha
  • 40 Old Chinese Bronze Gold 24k Northern Wei Dynasty Shakyamuni Buddha Statue
  • 44 Large Old Chinese Dynasty Palace Stone Folk 9 Dragon Ink inkstone inkslab
  • 14 Old Chinese Han Dynasty Antique Bronze 24K Gold Silver Buddha Head Statue
  • 30 Old Chinese Bronze Gold 24k Northern Wei Dynasty Guanyin Boddhisattva Statue
  • Han Dynasty Old Pottery Hen Animal Figure Statue Chinese Antique Ware 411
  • 48 old Chinese Dynasty Bronze Gilt Dragon Beast elephant incense burner Censer


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